Wednesday, February 15, 2012

He Hears You, Dear One

The support ran out weeks ago. 

Your parents want you “home”.

The people at your congregation keep asking how your “vacation” is going.

Your team keeps fighting.
You and God haven’t spoken in days. 

What do you do when It seems the world has turned its back on you? What do you do when you have only your sword and shield against the invisible armies pumped to end your life at any second? What do you do when you can’t think of how to stay, but you can’t bear to go?

I was in this situation. I lived this reality six years ago. I was in a situation that was wonderful and full of pain all at the same time. The months where you feel isolated. You are eating beans, rice, and whatever moldy vegetables you can find in the back of your cabinet. The days spent crying in bed. 

Crying out to a God who you can’t hear. 

Crying out for comfort. 

Crying out for guidance.

Just crying out for a hug. 

He hears you. Oh pilgrim, he hears you. You are now wandering through a land that is not your own. You can count your belongings on your right hand. You can count your supporters on the other. You may be discouraged like you never thought possible. 

He hears you.

He hears you when you cry out in the night. So isolated because this language is not your own, and you have trouble even trying to buy a cup of coffee. So alone because you can’t seem to connect with the very people paired up to journey with you into the barren land. So afraid because the book you hold in your hand isn’t giving you the comfort and joy it once imparted. 

He hears you.

He loves you, my wonderful friend, He loves you more than you can imagine. Every day his heart bleeds tears for your sorrow. He is trying to speak to you. He is sending his message to You.

I love you dear one. I hear you, and I see you. 

So you wake up every morning. You thank Him for small victories. The car started. The bus ran on time. Your team prayed together. You hugged through the tears. You walk forward. Your head held high with the knowledge of love. With the intention of sharing, of loving, of giving, of serving, of praying, and of preaching. You thank our Father for his grace, and you keep going.

He hears you.

He loves you.

-Lydia Mulligan (Weatherly) 

West Mains, Scotland AIM 2005