Greetings fellow AIM Alumnus!

I pray this finds you growing in your awareness of God’s work in you and His immense love for you. We at the AIM Alumni Association (A3) are so grateful to our Father for His promise to work through us in ways that are not measurable and beyond our imaginations.

Many have said over the years that something should be done to help AIM students throughout the process of AIM and especially in the transition to their post-AIM life. The time for talking is done. The time for doing is at hand! If you’ve agreed that something should be done, this is a great time to step up and participate in the effort. This effort is one way that you can actively engage in blessing God’s people as they seek to serve Him through the AIM program.

Beginning in August, 2011, we desire to offer each incoming AIM student an AIM Ally. This is an AIM alumnus who is willing to walk with their student through the different phases they experience when they are in AIM until 6 months after they return from the field. That is potentially a 3-year commitment, so you would need to think through this soberly before you commit. What is required is that each Ally be in monthly communication with their assigned student. While those interactions will be as unique as each individual involved, our goal is that those interactions would be guided by the 9 Attributes enclosed in this email.

The goal of A3 is to guide and encourage each Ally consistently throughout these efforts. It’s also our goal to commit as a community of alumni to fill in the gaps where transitions have historically been hard for AIM students, and strengthen God’s kingdom and His workers as a result. It’s our prayer that through this journey, we can join together and remove some of the stumbling blocks upon which Satan builds his attacks. We are looking for God to unite each of us who have a similar passion or concern in this area.

To become an AIM Ally, follow these instructions by clicking here and completing these forms to be mailed by July 31, 2011. We are looking for motivated and committed individuals.  If you have questions, feel free to contact me at the numbers below.

Welcome to the next phase of the Adventure!

Jason Thornton, AIM ‘92
For A3
W - (918)838-1621/C - (918)231-9556