Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Prayer Requests

Several people have suggested that we start a thread for prayer requests. As we work on that, please use this area for now to send us your requests. Then, next week we will continue with another fresh blog article!



  1. I would appreicate if everyone could put this people in your prayers.
    1. Kenny Fritz - has spesis in a arm wound currently in ICU in Kerrville, Tx had surgery yesterday. Still awaiting results of test.
    2. Marissa Templeton - Just had a miscarriage on Friday currently in the Hospital in San Angelo with massive blood loss.
    3. Mary Brower a nurse I work with in San Angelo. Fire Destroyed her house 2/14/10. No injuries but a total loss of property. Her mother and two teenage sister lived with her.
    I will try to keep everyone update as soon I as know anything to add.

    Karla Wootton "AIM 96"

  2. We are currently fostering a little boy that we hope to adopt this year. The father has just been released from jail and is now working to regain custody. We are very concerned that this could be a possibility and are praying for what is best for Michael. Please pray with us that God will work in this situation and that Michael will be able to live in an environment that is healthy for him....(like our home).

    Thank you,

    Tara Slusser (AIM 01)

  3. Thanks so much to Karla and Tara for sharing these prayer requests. For you to trust us with the things you care about is a blessing to us.
    Please make sure to send us updates on these situations that we've been praying for. Once you have some signal as to how God is working on these things, let us know so that we can share in the victory as we also share in the burden. Thanks for sharing. We love you both.

    If anyone else would be blessed to be on our minds in prayer be sure to let us know.