Monday, May 10, 2010

Joseph as a missionary- Being forgotten

Genesis 40: 23 The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him.

In the Genesis story of Joseph, God's servant quickly finds himself in prison, following an act of righteous integrity and sexual accusation under Potiphar's roof. Joseph, still clearly obedient to God, waits patiently in prison as those around him anticipate their own fate within the barred walls. Eventually, God leads Joseph to interpret the dreams of two fellow prisoners. However, once the interpretation is completed and fulfilled, Joseph is once again quickly forgotten and left to die in his own personal dungeon.

Sound familiar? Maybe you were Joseph as an AIMer. Or maybe you were Joseph as a preacher, a coworker, a student, a son or daughter, a spouse, a parent, a friend. You
know what I'm talking about. That time when you tried so hard to do everything right, just to end up forgotten and alone. You made a solid attempt, strove for perfection, tried to make an impact, gave it your best, and "poof" just like that you were abandoned. Abandoned by supporters, abandoned by friends, abandoned by a spouse, abandoned by kids, abandoned by the church, abandoned by parents, abandoned by teammates, abandoned by God. Well.... not abandoned by God actually. Because whether we realize it or not, God isn't dictated by others. God doesn't just abandon people and forget their needs. God is faithful! Joseph needed to remember this truth... God is faithful!

Fact is, God is so faithful that when we are abandoned, God uses that hurt to empower us. So, when the world forgot about Joseph, God took that bad and turned it into something precious. God used the loneliness to prepare Joseph for his tour of duty as Pharaoh's second in command. In the same way, we've been made more than conquerors. When we are hurt and wronged, God gives us victory by refining us in him. Such a gift is worth much more than gold or silver!

It stinks to be alone in the world. It stinks to be abandoned and forgotten. But God is faithful and just. He will not abandoned us to the grave! Always know that God remembers, even when the world forgets.

- Chris Johnson

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