Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Express Yourself

If you haven't heard, the AIM Alumni Association is taking ministry to another level this month by offering a new way for Alumni to express themselves. With several events and ministries on the horizon, we have decided to open up a T-Shirt store as a means of raising funds for future Alumni activities. Unlike most alumni groups, we don't charge dues and aren't constantly soliciting our members for donations. This is one goal that we have striven for and hope to always maintain, above others. Being a member of our group is free, and should always remain that way. It's nice to know you can be part of something for free. In fact, we value this truth so much that many times we offer things for free (like our stickers at Tulsa this year). Freedom in membership is high on our value system. However, like most alumni groups, we do have plans for all types of special events for the future, which can cost money. At some point, money is required to make good things happen. So, what solution do we have for this dilemma? Simple, we are opening up a store! Please feel free to click the link above called "Shirt Store." If you see something you'd like.... buy it! It you'd like something special... tell us and we'll look into making that. Remember, 100% of all profits go to the AIM Alumni Association. Funding helps us to function, is for a good cause, and gets you some seriously cool stuff!


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