Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hello all you tired people out there. I know there is no way that I am the only one absolutely exhausted right now. Everything I am doing is a good thing. I have a great family, that takes time. I am doing well in school and am thankful to be working towards a goal, but it takes time. I have a beautiful house, cleaning it takes time. I am thankful for the body of Christ and worship, which also takes time. I appreciate getting to volunteer at my children's schools, but it does takes time. I know, just like you all I can keep going. I often hear people say that they wish that there were more hours in the day. I can't say I do, because I know it would be just more time that I would fill and that isn't always a good thing. All the things I mentioned are good, but sometimes it is important to stop!

On Sunday, our preacher told a story about a lady who got her city to declare a night off for the whole town. No games could be scheduled, school homework was out, nothing was planned. It was a family night ... officially. I'm afraid that the chances of one of those officially happening in my life is pretty low, but … I can declare one for myself. Tonight, I am declaring a night to stop. I will hang out with my family, leave the laundry in a pile, ignore the dust on the furniture,we will eat something that is very much labor un-intensive and I will take a time out. (My biggest problem will be not feeling guilty about it). I think we all need to remember this. You can figure out for yourself if you need a day a week or a day a month … you know what you need. Just remember to STOP! I know this is not an incredibly spiritual blog this week. Don't forget though, God did this first. The very first chapter of Genesis tells us that He worked really hard and then knew when it was time to stop. He rested too. I figure if it is good for God, it has to be good for me. When we are overly tired is when we say the things we know we shouldn't, it is when we cut corners on work, it is when we forget to tell our family that we love them. Don't let Satan wear you out. One last time ... STOP!!!

- Sharon Fox


  1. Sharon, You are so right. Sometimes one just needs to stop and take a rest. But for this procrastinator that sometimes takes too much time. However this week I see the need to stop. Full time job, family, house, the kids' schools and my classes take up a lot of time. I need to remember to stop and give God my time this month. All the other stuff seems to be pushing him out and I need to get him back in the picture more. Anyway I appreciate your reminder to me that I need to STOP! and give God and my family some of my time more often. Thank you for that reminder. Life is short as I reminisce over the pictures of AIM '92 posted to the AIM page. Wow! almost 20 years ago! Charlynn

  2. Benjamin Franklin said, “The best of all medicines is resting and fasting”

    The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down ...

    Come to me all who are weary and heavy ladden and I will give you... rest.
    True rest is found in Jesus. May we all find the rest we need for our souls.
    Jeff Cash (AIM '92)