Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What we're cooking up next...

If you were unable to attend AIMAPALOOZA this last month, you missed a great party. The event reunited Aim Alumni from over three decades, bringing together multiple Aim teams and allowing for wonderful conversation and discussion. Much was discussed this year, opening the door to some exciting possibilities for the future.

One item that was brought up at AIMAPALOOZA was the birth of a new annual Aim event called AIMSTOCK! Starting Labor Day weekend on September 4th, Aim Alumni will join together in Oklahoma for two days or relaxation, devotion, fellowship, and fun. The purpose for the event is to offer yet another arena for Christian bond to occur between Aim Alumni and their families. We want you to be part of our experience! If you are interested in attending AIMSTOCK, leave your calendars open for Labor Day weekend. We are looking up details for the best possible location and price, to accommodate all of our Alumni, regardless of financial availability and family size. Also, if you know of some possible retreat options, please feel free to shoot them our way on the AIM ALUMNI Facebook page. We look forward to making this event a spectacular one. Your partnership in that task might be just what we need. Let us know, and we look forward to seeing you in early September.

(more details coming soon)

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