Thursday, July 29, 2010

New AIMstock Deadline Approaching- August 4th

When AIMapalooza first started, the goal was to bring together those “few” AIM alumni that were at the Tulsa Workshop. We were shocked to have over 70 attend the first time and over 40 each year since. Every time I am part of AIMapalooza, I am struck with the immediate connection among those that are a part of it and am blown away by the singing. I sing all the time, but there is something about singing with those that have been part of AIM that is somehow distinct. I can’t explain it, but it is amazing. A consistent conversation that comes up at AIMapalooza is how great it would be if this could be for more than just a few hours and that is where AIMstock comes from. We know that many won’t be able to attend based on location and availability, but we hope that this first retreat will be a model for other retreats in other parts of the US.

For more details you can check out the info at AIMstock on its FB page. One thing that we do need is to get a solid count on who is coming and where they will be staying (tents, cabin or lodge). We need this info a month in advance, so we are now asking to receive registration forms from everyone by August 4th in order to lock in the facilities and space that is needed. We would love to receive payments at that time, but are flexible as to when those are received. The real issue is simply knowing how many to plan for.

If you have any questions whatsoever about the retreat, email me at or call me at (918) 838-1621. There are no dumb questions. One question I have heard pertains to non-alumni spouses. I do want to point out that most AIM alumni didn’t marry an AIM alumnus (I believe that is a true statement, though it may only be 51% true). We want non-alumni spouses to come. We are primarily connected by the blood of Christ, not AIM, so consider yourself doubly welcome!

I cannot wait to see everyone that is able to join us. I am super-thrilled just thinking about it!

Jason Thornton
"Let the Chains Fall Away"
March 23-26,

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